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EmagAlex Parks is a Development and Marketing company, we aim to change the status core and develop the youth and create jobs through our parks.

EmagAlex Parks is a platform for youth and Entrepreneurs. The youth are the future and what is a future if the youth are not developed, that is the need we saw for our Communities in South Africa.

We Aim to Empower the youth through the State of the Art parks which will not only help the youth but will help all the communities in South Africa.

Our Mission in our journey is to empower youth to be the leaders in their homes and communities.

We are in the process of building an indoor eco Park in Alexandra Township that will help Alexandra to move forward with regards to innovations and Development.

Goals and Objectives

EmagAlex Parks goal is to run a profitable operation, increase revenue while limiting expenses. The revenue objective could consist of increasing annual sales by 20% or landing 4 new clients each month.

Expenses Objectives will be finding a new operating land that will decrease the rent by ZAR 18,000.00 + a month and by cutting monthly utility bills by 18%.

EmagAlex Parks goal for the clients and customer service is to develop a Respectful and close relationship with our clients and to show EmagAlex Parks clients how easy it is to do business with our Company, increase the response time to client's complaints .Increase the customer service staff from 1 to 3 workers by the end of the year. Implementing a policy where clients and customers are guaranteed to receive return phone call before the end of business day.

Our overall goal for human resource is to improve retention and to achieve this goal , we need to develop and implement a training program that will ensure that we achieve that target. Implement ONE-ON-ONE meetings with our employees in an effort to build Rapport and find out what is on their minds.

Our goal is to become more effective in our business operation as a way to increase productivity to increase efficiency and we could change the sales people to improve their closing Ratio from 45% to 60%.

To grow EmagAlex Parks and Alphalocus operations we need to increase sales by 36% within 1 year and open a new office within 5 years.

For our arts and culture products distribution, we aim to offer delivery within 3 days.


Our Vision for the next 20 years is to raise a generation of Leaders through our Parks for a Greater Alexandra and Africa.

Raising a generation of innovative Minds.


Our vision will be achieved by working with the youth and the people within the community of Alexandra to Revamp the parks and the infrastructure in Alexandra for both Local and Foreign Tourists and Visitors to Alex and South Africa. Working together and partnering with other Organisations that believes in AmagAlex Parks Vision and Mission.

There is no passion to be found in playing small – in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of livingNelson Mandela

The Problem

Event Organizers are unable to fully utilize the public park spaces in the Greater Alexandra for events due to the issue of safety around the park spaces and lack of maintenance.

Our Solution

The ability to conceptualize beautifully designed indoor eco parks and gardens to bring beauty of nature to foster new experiences for events organisers and event planners,providing a safer environment for multipurpose user experience that is both safe and accessible.We aim to change the value of public parks in Our communities and South African communities

Key partnersOur key Partners will include the Municipalities and the key resources we acquiring is access to resources (Public parks and man power).

In order to optimize operation and reduce risks we will partner through buyer-supplier relationships and complimentary business alliances such as Joint Ventures, Strategic alliances.

Key Activities

Our key activities will include Research and development of new innovations.
» Strategic Marketing and branding for events.
» Production control and customer services such as partnership management.
» Maintenance of the parks
» Consultation and conceptualization

Sustainability/Green Value Proposition

The ability to conceptualize beautifully designed indoor eco parks and gardens to bring beauty of nature to foster new experiences for event's organisers and event planners,

Providing a safer environment for multipurpose user experience that is both safe and accessible.

Customer/Partner Relationship

Building a long and sustainable relationship with our partners and customers by having monthly meetings with partners and servicing our customer Database, e.g. Sending News letters to our Customers.

The value of the relationship will be based on the number of times the customer returns to utilize our spaces and promotion of their events.

Ensuring that events hosted are successful and by hosting annual events to ensure long lasting relationships with our customers.

Customer/Partner Segments

Event Organisers that want to host their events at the park.

Organizations that want to host their youth development programmes at the parks
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